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Ms 45 (aka Angel of Vengeance) (18*)

Part of: The Grime and the Glamour season

Zoe Lund in Ms 45

One New York woman takes the law into her own hands after suffering one crime too many because of sleazy guys. Watch out, things are going to get violent. 

Bronx-born Abel Ferrara is one of the master chroniclers of New York's seamy underbelly, along with Martin Scorsese and Sidney Lumet. Here, New York City is a violent labyrinth, crudely divided between predators and prey. But here’s the twist: our gun-toting urban vigilante is a she. 

Mute seamstress Thana (Zoe Lund) is raped once, twice – and then something snaps. Armed and dressed all in black, she walks the maze of New York streets, crossing and re-crossing the city, laying waste to a good chunk of Manhattan’s male population. When she wanders into a menacing Central Park, it’s with the swagger of an old-time gunslinger. 

Ultra-low-budget, massively raw-edged, Ms 45 was filmed in and around Ferrara’s Union Square loft, and features plenty of documentary-like, even stolen-looking shots of the city’s homeless and debris-strewn back alleys. 


US 1981 Dir Abel Ferrara 80 min, Digital presentation

Please note: this film contains scenes of strong violence and strong sexual violence

Please arrive promptly at the advertised start time

Proof of ID may be requested on entry to films, in compliance with BBFC rating


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