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Mi Vida Loca (15) & Top Girl + Introduction from Abondance Matanda

A special screening exploring friendship amongst women of colour with one of the first films to focus on the perspectives of Mexican-American girls paired up with a staple of black British girlhood.

Sad Girl and Mousie have been best friends since childhood but their friendship turns into an icy feud when they both become involved with Ernesto: a drug dealer, and the father to both their children. As their dispute escalates towards violence, the film traces how this anger affects all the aspects of their lives.

This 90s independent classic by Allison Anders was one of the first films to explore the experiences of women within gang culture. The film is a collaboration between some of the young people of the Echo Park neighbourhood and the director, with the majority of the cast being selected to act in the film with no prior experience, lending their personal stories and experiences to the film and placing it at its forefront.


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US/UK 1994 Dir Allison Anders 92 min

Top Girl
It’s the mid 2000s in Brixton, South London, and 15 year-old Donna and her best friend Felicia are juggling school with new feelings and realisations. The two are on a mission to find Legz, a 20 year-old with a recording studio in the bedroom of his mom’s apartment, with the hope for Donna to MC on a track but as expected, events don’t go as planned. The film is a tender coming of age tale by the director of Honeytrap, with Rumbi Mautsi and Naomi J.Lewis shining as the two teenagers making sense of growing up in man’s world.   

UK 2008 Dir Rebecca Johnson 19mins 35mm Presentation

+ Introduction by:

Abondance Matanda is an arts and culture writer and poet. Her home city London informs the subversive, colloquial voice she uses to dissect themes and identities like girlhood, class, blackness and language. Other influences range from Ms Dynamite to Toni Cade Bambara to old school Congolese music videos.


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This film is F-Rated. The F-Rating is a classification for any film which is directed by a 
woman, and/or written by a woman, and/or features significant women on 
screen in their own right.


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