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Manifesto (15)

What role does the artist play in society? Cate Blanchett inhabits thirteen different personas, transcending gender and class, to give life to the long tradition of artistic manifestos.

In a series of vignettes artist/filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt has created a call-to-arms for artists in the 21st century. In a previous life Manifesto was mounted as a 13-screen art installation. Knitted together in cinematic form, it draws on fifty artistic and political manifestos, from Marx and Engel's The Communist Manifesto through the 20th century's Futurists, Fluxus artists and Situationists, to Dogma 95.

Whether reciting the Dada Manifesto at a funeral or discussing conceptual art in full TV anchorwoman garb –1000 watt smile included– a shape-shifting Cate Blanchett imbues remarkable dramatic life into both the famous and lesser-known words of these works in unexpected contexts.

While, arguably, each of these manifestos has had its day, together their revolutionary purpose is restored as they question both what role does the artist and the audience play in these times. 

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Germany 2015 Julian Rosefeldt 95 min

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