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International Competition Programme 4 “Playing With Emotion” (15*)

Part of LIAF 2017

A still from LIAF 2017 competition I Like Girls

Selected from the 2,600 entries to London International Animation Festival 2017 this programme takes a look at all aspects of emotion – love and hate, sadness, anxiety and confusion.

Summers Puke is Winters Delight

Painful events become memories over time. This deliriously explicit film is truly demented, but with a serious core buried deep within its delightful insanity.

Japan 2016 Dir Sawako Kabuki 3min



An ode to a lost age of internet love.

US 2017 Dir Sean Buckelew 10min


My Mum's Bonkers

My mum's bonkers. Out of one eye she cries Puccini, out of the other she reprimands me.

South Africa 2017 Dir Naomi Van Niekerk 3min


First Hand Memories

A girl looks at her surrounding world through a roll of toilet paper.

Japan 2016 Dir Haruka Umemura 5min


The Bridge over the River

A man on a bridge, separated from the love of his life. Wanting to be with her one last time, he decides to go and seek her in the hereafter.

Switzerland 2016 Dir Jadwiga Kowalska 6min


Hucho Hucho

J tells his grandson about the huchen – a fish that returns to the exact place where it was born after years of travelling the sea. Now it’s time to say goodbye and do the same thing.

Uruguay 2017 Dir Juan Carve 5min


69 Sec

A depiction of love as geometric shape. 

Belgium 2016 Dir Laura Nicolas 2min


Out of Internal Worlds

A fly rubs its hands together. A man and a woman, inside and out, balanced within and between each other. The fly takes flight, slugs move. The fly buzzes.

Estonia 2016 Dir Helen Unt 11min


Moczarski's Case

The true story of the encounter between a resistance officer under Nazi-occupied Poland during WW2 and a Nazi general, Jurgen Stroop, the liquidator of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Poland 2016 Dir Tomasz Siwiński 5min


Under Mirabeau Bridge

Under the Mirabeau Bridge flows the River Seine and our love.

France 2016 Dir Marjorie Caup 3min



Two characters are linked by their hair, influencing each other by every move they make.

Germany 2017 Dir Robert Loebel 7min


Last Summer, in the Garden

2 young city-dwellers travel to rural Ontario seeking a deeper connection to their roots. A lament to life, love and the growing season.

Canada 2016 Dir Bekky O'Neil 4min


I Like Girls

4 women reveal the nitty-gritty details of their first loves, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression.

Canada 2016 Dir Diane Obomsawin 8min

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