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British Showcase (15*)

Part of LIAF 2017

Check the pulse of the British animation scene, with a comprehensive screening of the very best of recent British animation, from the absurd to the revelatory.

Several filmmakers will be present at the screening to introduce their work.

Art For Lawyers

Corporate art is a strange concept and definitely when seen through the eyes of this filmmaker.

UK 2017 Dir: Rory Waudby-Tolley 9min


The Supermarket

The everyday monotony of the supermarket celebrated in a rhythmic sound loop.

UK 2017 Dir: Sam Moore 2min



A mole works in a mine digging for cobalt. One day a tragedy occurs.

UK 2017 Dir: JJ(Je eun) Shim 4min


Looper: Farfisa Song

Mustard & Ketchup, two gay badgers “who love each other very much” and their first outing to the world.

UK 2017 Dir: Iain Gardner 3min


So I Danced Again....

The act of listening. A dance through our chaotic world of meaningful/meaningless sounds.

UK 2017 Dir: Lottie Kingslake 5min


Pipe Dreams

Helen's got a hot date. It's all part of her plan to be a better woman. But will a plumbing problem put a spanner in the works?

 UK  2017 Dir: Christabel Jarrold 9min


The Uses of Envy

How to be more productive when you’re envious of others.

UK 2016 Dir: Lara Lee and Hannah Jacobs 2min


Spinning Record

Balance and order, sound and motion, turning and looping like a spinning record.

UK 2017 Dir: Emily Downe 2min


Life Cycles

Woke up, got out of bed…an observational exploration of routine, monotony, attention and distraction.

UK 2016 Dir: Ross Hogg 4min



Below the sea level the past seems to be a happier place. Though how far can you escape on your chair underwater?

UK 2017 Dir: Olga Makarchuk 8min


Don't Think of a Pink Elephant

A girl fights against compulsions brought on by anxiety.

UK 2017 Dir: Suraya Raja 7min



The struggle to find your place in the world as seen through the eyes of a skier.

UK/Austria 2017 Dir: Kathrin Steinbacher 3min


A Self-Compassion Exercise

The daily life of a down-trodden character and their plight to will a little self-compassion.

 UK 2016 Dir: Joe Bichard 4min


Not The Same River. Not The Same Man.

The passing of time, an ever-flowing cycle of change and evolution.

UK 2017 Dir: Michelle Brand 4min


The Full Story

A loving, close-knit family falls apart as the ‘70s tumbles into the divorce boom of the ‘80s.

UK 2017 Dir: Daisy Jacobs 7min


The Race

A group of people run down a race track, morphing and growing into more distinctive personalities. But the race soon becomes deadly competitive.

 UK 2016 Dir: Jodie Haslam 3min


Big Finds A Trumpet

When Big finds a new toy to play with, Tiny isn't very happy about it. Trumpets are annoying and so are some people.

UK 2017 Dir: Dan Castro 4min


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