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Abstract Showcase (15*)

Part of LIAF 2017

A still from LIAF Abstract Showcase Sans Chlorophyll

These films share a pure love of animated movement and an artist’s eye for filling the screen, harnessing colour and creating non-narrative imagery.

Jazzimation 2

Watch with your ears and listen with your eyes.

France/Netherlands 2017  Dir Oerd van Cuijlenborg 5min


Buzzing (uncut)

Buzzing basses and electronic squelches. A visual language made from colours, shapes and dynamism.

Costa Rica 2016 Dir Jorge Mario Zuleta 2min


Spank Shot

While waiting for a spanking I watched hockey.

US 2017 Dir Gina Kamentsky 1min



A crossing of the borders of the film frame to create alternative cinematic continuities of space time.

 US 2016 Dir Alexander Dupuis 3min



A film for Steven’s father who gambled with love.

Canada 2016 Dir Steven Woloshen 4min



A train journey from Tokyo into the mountains of Tsuruoka, to the cities of Osaka and Kyoto.

US 2017 Dir Maya Erdelyi and Daniel Rowe 4min


A Narrative Film

A three-act assault on the conceit of the traditional narrative, alongside a futile attempt to escape the narrative impulse of cinema.

US 2016 Dir Michael Edwards 8min


Magoo Opening

A homage to the wonderfully stylish world of 50s’ cartoons with suitably wacky soundtrack by Cornelius.

India 2017 Dir Deep Dawda 1min


Into the Light: The Film Resistance

The persistence of vision, frame flickering and illusions. Mushroom spore prints directly printed on to 35mm film and hand coloured.

Canada 2016 Dir Madi Piller 4min



Everything comes from a seed. Sprout without any doubt. Immensely cosmic and internally infinitesimal.

Czech Republic 2016 Dir Jan Kokolia 4min



A flicker-fest lamenting a lost relationship with narrative cinema, by which it is forever marked.

Australia 2017 Dir Dirk de Bruyn 6min



A sublimely subtle interweaving of melody, composition and image.

France/Netherlands 2016  Dir Oerd van Cuijlenborg 6min


Strange Fish

A meditation on blind evolution.

US 2017 Dir Steven Subotnick 4min


Sans Chlorophyll

The beauty of Autumn leaves. A riot of colour and explosion of sound.

US 2017 Dir Phillip Davis 3min



Urges in the undergrowth, erupting fungal fantasies, bursting botanicals. The dust and desires of a tiny alternative universe.

UK 2017 Dir Emily Scaife 4min



A meditation on the cosmic evolution of matter and energy over time.

Canada 2016 Dir Scott Portingale 5min



What do you think of when you see the cross?

Canada/Switzerland 2017 Dir Alexandre Roy 4min



Jiro and his Friends are attending a birthday party but The Cupcake has other plans.

US 2017 Dir Gina Kamentsky 2min

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