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In the Steps of Trisha Brown (PG*)

Part of: Dance Umbrella

A still from the documentary In The Steps of Trisha Brown

We go behind the scenes of the first performance of Trisha Brown's signature dance Glacial Decoy, performed by the repertory of the Paris Opera Ballet.

Ballet dancers don’t often get to try their hand at Trisha Brown’s choreography, but in 2013 her early signature piece ‘Glacial Decoy’ (1979) joined the repertory of the Paris Opera Ballet.

This fascinating documentary takes us behind the scenes in the weeks leading up to the first performance, as Lisa Kraus, an original ‘Decoy’ cast member, and Carolyn Lucas, Associate Artistic Director of the Trisha Brown Company, teach this challenging piece to the Paris Opera dancers. Needless to say, this requires a radical re-programming, almost an un-doing of their classical training.

With rehearsal footage interleaved with archival recordings of the piece’s original performances – in which Brown dances, thrillingly, among the others – this film offers a valuable insight into the process of staging a major dance piece, and stands as a fitting tribute to the late choreographer. 

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France 2016 Dir Marie-Hélène Rebois 80 min

This film is F-Rated. The F-Rating is a classification for any film which is directed by a 
woman, and/or written by a woman, and/or features significant women on 
screen in their own right.


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