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In the Last Days of the City (15)

Trailer for Tamer El Said's In the Last Days of the City

Director Tamer El Said delivers this beautiful, elegiac film about the city of Cairo, as it faces new political and social changes, and an uncertain future for those who live in the city.  

Set in downtown Cairo, 2009, this part-fiction, part-documentary follows filmmaker Khalid (Khalid Abdalla), as he tries to make a film about his hometown. Overwhelmed by the complex events taking place, he asks friends living abroad – in Beirut, Berlin and Baghdad – to send him footage to weave into his own narrative. What results is a poetic look at a city undergoing tremendous upheaval, but never breaks the spirit of the city. 

Pulled from the Cairo Film Festival in 2016 and still unreleased in Egypt, this portrait is a love letter to a city that may no longer exist. 

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Egypt 2016 Dir Tamer El Said 118 min

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Photo of artist Matt Pyke from Universal Everything

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