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PILI (12A*) + Shorts + Q&A

Part of: Global Health Film Festival 2017

Global Health Film Festival:PILI

Pili lives in rural Tanzania, working in the fields for less than $1 a day to feed her two children and struggling to manage her HIV-positive status in secret.

When she is offered the chance to rent a sought-after market-stall, Pili is desperate to have it. But with only two days to get the deposit together, Pili is forced to make increasingly difficult decisions with ever-deepening consequences. How much will she risk to change her life?

This film is a unique collaboration between the film-makers and women in the film. The story is based on their stories, the cast features only one trained actor, 70% of the cast are HIV+, and all locations such as the AIDS clinics are real.

UK 2017 Leanne Welham 83 min

+In Our Hands 

2017 Dir Millie Harvey 28 min


*Locally classified 


Barbican Cinema 2