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Justice in Action (12A) + Q&A

Part of: Global Health Film Festival 2017

Global Health Film Festival 2017: Justice in Action

In their quest for truth, these young women explore the path to peace and reconciliation and what role it plays in the lives of the survivors

Six young women from London journey to Bosnia. They walk the paths to Sarajevo and Srebrenica, where war and genocide took place, to find out what justice really means to those who most want it.

They travel to The Hague to witness the trial of the man accused of authoring these crimes – the wartime leader of the Bosnian Serbs Dr Radovan Karadzic - at the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia. 

Please note: entrance to this event is available to Global Health Film Festival passholders only. 

UK 2012 Dir Fiona Lloyd-Davies with Mulberry School for Girls 64 min


Barbican Cinema 3