Hospital (12A*) + Q&A

Part of: Global Health Film Festival 2017

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Global Health Film Festival: Hospital

An intimate portrait of a state-run hospital in one of Nepal’s most remote and poorest districts of Kalikot in West Nepal

For medical personnel, it is the kind of posting that is to be avoided or to quickly escape from. In capturing the daily goings-on of the hospital, the film shows how individuals can make a real difference to people’s lives.

In addition to showing how the hospital cares for the sick, the film offers a revealing glimpse into how ordinary Nepalis cope with their lot, without drama, and with humanity and humour, at the same time laying bare some of the grimmer fissures of Nepali social reality.

Nepal 2016 Dir Kesang Tseten 59 min

+ Still Waiting

2017 Dir GHFF Film Fellows 2 min

+ Chaupadi: banished for bleeding

2017 Dir Frankie Fathers 9 min


*Locally classified


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