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Born in Syria (12A*) + Shorts + Q&A

Part of: Global Health Film Festival 2017

Global Health Film Festival 2017: Born in Syria

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, around four million Syrians have had to abandon their country, fleeing violence. Over half of them are children. 

Born in Syria narrates the journey of these refugees from the point of view of the children who live this constant torment. They suffer the abuse of the mafias, the harshness of the sea, the uncertainty of the future with barely the shirt on their back, only to arrive at their long-awaited destination and start a new odyssey: an integration into a new land that, for many, is hostile. 

This is the greatest exodus of refugees since the Second World War, seen from a height of four and a half feet through seven stories of war, suffering, and desperation… But ultimately these stories are also tales of overcoming, innocence, bravery and hope that help us understand what it means to have been born in Syria.

Please note: entrance to this event is available to Global Health Film Festival passholders only. 

Spain 2016 Dir Hernán Zin 78 min

+ Undocumented 

2017 Dir GHFF Film Fellows 2017 2 min

+The New Jungle 

2017 Dir Matthew Walton 7 min

+Sorry I drowned 

2017 Dir David Habchy and Hussein Nakhal


*Locally classified 


Barbican Cinema 2