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Jamila Gavin Presents: Ratatouille (PG)

Framed Film Club

An image from Ratatouille

A young rat sneaks into one of Paris' best restaurants when he becomes fed up of living off of scraps from the sewers.

This month, author Jamila Gavin (Coram Boy, Grandpa Chatterji) has taken over Framed Film Club by choosing some of her favourite children’s classics for us to screen.

This Pixar favourite follows the adventures of a young rat named Remy, who lives on the streets of Paris.

Fed up of living off of scraps and mouldy cheese from the city’s bins, he hides out in one of the city’s best restaurants and forms an unlikely alliance with a young kitchen porter. Refusing to believe that the kitchen is no place for a rat, Remy dodges sharp knives and hot pans as he searches for food to satisfy his sophisticated taste buds.

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US 2003 Dirs Andrew Stanton, Lee Ulrik 100 min



No unaccompanied adults or children.

A selection of Jamila Gavin’s books will be available to purchase in the Barbican Shop throughout September.


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