Flamenco, Flamenco (PG*)

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A still from the film Flamenco Flamenco

One of Spain's finest flamenco dancers Rocio Molina features in this dazzling documentary from acclaimed director Carlos Saura.

Festival guest Rocio Molina is one of an impressive line-up of Spain’s finest flamenco dancers, singers and musicians who feature in this dazzling documentary from acclaimed director Carlos Saura.

Presented without explanatory text or voiceover, and entirely free of ‘talking heads’, the film presents 21 short music and dance numbers in rapid succession, all shot against stylised sound-stage backdrops. It’s a treat for flamenco fans, and for full impact, one best savoured on the big screen.

The highlights are many, but include flamenco superstar Sara Baras, in a blindingly-red dress performing against a vivid yellow sunset; guitar virtuoso Paco de Lucía; youngster El Carpeta in a barnstorming Buleria against a dramatic full moon; and dancer Eva Yerbabuena and singer Miguel Poveda in an intense duet in the pouring rain.


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Spain 2010 Dir Carlos Saura 97 min

Please note: the songs featured in this film are presented without subtitles


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