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Age of Consent (15*)

Underwire Film Festival

Film still from Age of Consent

A selection of complex short films that examine sex and consent.

Underwire Festival presents a selection of challenging and impactful films that explore sex and consent.
Sex is complicated. And sex is simple. If “Yes” means “Yes” and “No means “No”, it is black and white. Except when it isn’t. These challenging and compelling films leave no hiding place for unspoken truths about consent, coercion and the games people play.


Lascivious Grace
UK 19min
UK 10min
UK 11min
UK 8min
UK 16min
UK 10min
100 Women I Know
UK 13min


Please arrive promptly at the advertised start time

Proof of ID may be requested on entry to films, in compliance with BBFC ratings

This film is F-Rated. The F-Rating is a classification for any film which is directed by a 
woman, and/or written by a woman, and/or features significant women on 
screen in their own right.


Photo of Basquiat in black and white

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‘The clock ticks down, the flint sparks, the fuse burns short–and then…BOOM – Boom for real…'

Cultural historian Augustus Casely-Hayford discusses the explosive impact of Jean-Michel Basquiat ahead of our exhibition, Basquiat: Boom For Real.

Barbican Cinema 3

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