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Imran Qureshi: Where the Shadows are so Deep

Photo of small painting

Award-winning Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi created a new body of work for The Curve. 

For his first major London commission, Qureshi presented Where the Shadows are so Deep, a series of exquisite miniature paintings, drawing upon The Curve as a motif in this tradition. Beginning with gentle scenes of nature, the sequence of works gradually introduced darker elements, subtly implying the uncertainty of what lies around the bend. Hung at varying heights along the dramatic 90-metre span of the space, these delicate, jewel-like paintings lure the visitor in, demanding an altogether different kind of looking.

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Photo of artist Imran Qureshi

Barbican Meets: Imran Qureshi

We meet artist, Imran Qureshi, as he introduces his new installation, Where the Shadows are so Deep, discusses the intricate art of miniature painting and explores some of the themes of violence and beauty apparent in this striking installation.

The Curve