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Help us improve your experience of the Barbican by joining our User Panel.

We’d like to invite you to join our User Panel to help us test and improve our products and services. You don’t need to have booked a ticket, or even visited us before – we just want to learn more about how people interact with the Barbican, straight from the source.

To join, simply complete the short questionnaire below and we’ll be in touch by email with upcoming opportunities for you to get involved with the products and features we’re currently working on.

Any questions, read our FAQs below or email us on [email protected]

Join the panel

Where are you willing to take part in research?
Have you ever visited the Barbican in person?
Have you attended any of the following at the Barbican during the last year?
What age range are you?
Where do you live?
Do you have any children under 16?
Do you have any access requirements?
Do you need any software or equipment to help you use the internet?
Do you have any physical access requirements?

How it works

The User Panel is open to anyone over 16. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t visited the Barbican before and you don’t need any technical knowledge of websites. If you have any access requirements, you can add them to your application questionnaire and we can accommodate them ahead of the session. 

You won’t be contacted more than once a month to take part in user research session. If you are part of a longer study, we may contact you about different sessions related to that particular research.  

We will send you the information about upcoming research opportunities by email. We will also give you contact details for someone from our team, should you wish to contact us directly. 

It’s up to you – some of our surveys might only take you 10 minutes but an on-site session might take up to an hour. You can let us know how much time you have available in your application questionnaire. 

As a thank you for helping us with our research, you will be rewarded for you time. This could be with prize draws when you take part in an online session or special rewards when you visit us in person.

Research will be conducted through email surveys, online sessions and on-site sessions, depending on what we are researching.  

Yes – you can help us with online surveys and remote sessions.

Your personal info will always be anonymised in any public output we create of the research. Your existing Barbican marketing preferences will be respected. 

If you no longer wish to be part of the User Panel, simply email us on [email protected] and we will remove you from our User Panel database immediately.