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We would like to ask some questions about you. This is entirely voluntary and your answers will be anonymous.

We value diversity and inclusion and recognise there is inequality in the arts. By answering these questions you are helping us understand who we engage, in line with the aims set out in our organisation’s Purpose, Creative Vision and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Understanding this helps us to be better at what we do. These questions have been composed using guidance from the UK Census, Stonewall, Social Mobility Commission and experts in socio-economic and disability data. We acknowledge that preferred language varies from person to person and changes over time, so we’ll continue to stay up to date with best practice as it evolves.

Privacy policy

At the end of the survey, we'll ask for your email address so we can add £10 credit to your account. Your answers will stay anonymous.

Thank you taking the time to complete this survey, but we only ask people who are 16 or over to take part.
For example, if your postcode is W1 1AA, enter W1
What best describes your gender?
Are you trans?
Trans is an umbrella term to describe people whose gender is not the same as, or does not sit comfortably with, the sex they were assigned at birth.
Sexual orientation
What is your sexual orientation?
What is your ethnicity?
What is your ethnicity?
More on your Asian or Asian British ethnicity
More on your Black or Black British ethnicity
More on your Mixed ethnicity
More on your White ethnicity
More on your ethnicity
Are you disabled, or do you have an impairment, long-term health condition or access need?
Which categories best describe your impairment, health condition or access need? (select all that apply)
Socio-economic status
Which best describes your current or most recent occupation?
National identity
How would you describe your national identity?
This question is adapted from the UK Census
This question is adapted from the UK Census