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Browse our ScreenTalks Archive where we dust off the tapes and release rarely heard recordings of live conversations with some of the world's leading filmmakers and film fans from across the decades. 



Screentalks Archive: Disobedience

This week, we’re speaking not to a director, or an actor, but an author: Naomi Alderman, who discusses the film adaptation of her first novel, Disobedience.

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ScreenTalks Archive: Cunningham

This week, New York Times dance critic Alastair Macaulay, dancer and choreographer, Dame Siobhan Davies, Radiohead drummer and musician Philip Selway, and director Alla Kovgan about Kovgan’s amazing 3D documentary, Cunningham.

Infinity - Kusama

ScreenTalk Archive: Heather Lenz on Kusama-Infinity

Barbican ScreenTalks Archive is back for a second series. We’re delving into our vast archive to dig out the liveliest conversations from across the decades. First up, documentary filmmaker Heather Lenz discusses 'Kusama-Infinity' with Zing Tseng. 

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ScreenNotes: Watermelon Man

Barbican Cinema curator Matthew Barrington, explores the history behind this classic of 70s African American cinema, directed by legendary director, Melvin Van Peebles.