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Browse our ScreenTalks Archive where we dust off the tapes and release rarely heard recordings of live conversations with some of the world's leading filmmakers and film fans from across the decades. 


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ScreenTalks Archive: B. Ruby Rich on De Cierta Manera

In this conversation from June 2017, New Queer Cinema champion, feminist film critic, educator and agitator, B. Ruby Rich introduces Sara Gomez’s 1974 film, 'De Cierta Manera', a study of the interplay of race, class and gender. 

photo of Ayrton Senna

ScreenTalks Archive: Asif Kapadia on Senna

Documentary filmmaker Asif Kapadia joins us for a ScreenTalks in 2011 to discuss his ground-breaking documentary, Senna, on the life and death of Brazilian Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna.