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Watchlist: Curators' Picks - Short Films

a white plastic creature looking at you
8 Apr 2020
2 min read

Our cinema curator Tamara Anderson has selected 5 animated shorts to raise a smile...

Hi Stranger (Kirsten Lepore, 2017) 2 mins

This two-minute animation began life as a doodle on the back of a post-it note and was inspired, in part, by the year the animator spent in therapy. Watch.


Enough (Anna Mantzaris, 2017) 2 mins 
What if, in the face of life’s small daily temptations or frustrations, instead of restraining our inner impulses, we lost control? Watch.


Wild Wild Ham (Eri Kawaguchi, 2013) 5 mins

A volleyball player on a time-out from the game stretches out on the grass to enjoy the delightful sensation of the wind whistling through their toes. Weird but relatable all at once. Watch.


YA-NE-SEN a Go Go (Shishi Yamazaki, 2011) 1 min

Not done your one form of exercise yet today? The moves in this cheerful animation – a celebration of dancing, and food – are eminently re-creatable in your living room at home. Watch.


Manoman (Simon Cartwright, 2015) 10 mins

In an attempt to tap into his masculinity, meek-mannered Glen attends a primal scream therapy session where he unleashes something deep from within and that knows no limits: a living embodiment of his id. Watch.

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As Leystonestone Loves Film moves online, Forest Film Club invite you to a Watch Party of six short films from the UK and beyond.

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