ScreenTalk: Director Jonathan Caouette on 'Tarnation'

Wed 16 Sep, 8pm

Photo booth strip
15 Sep 2020
30 min watch

Tarnation director, Jonathan Caouette, chats to our Inner States co-curator, Alice Lebow. 

Join us on Wednesday 16 September at 8pm for a live ScreenTalk - or watch later on YouTube. 

About Tarnation

Jonathan Caouette was an inveterate filmer from a very young age, and in an effort to piece together his broken childhood, he edited fragments of footage using iMovie. The result is anything but amateur, as this one-of-a-kind film takes us deep into the realm of psychic disarray.

The film connects you to what a state of psychosis might feel like. It’s both a tender tribute to a troubled mother, and an attempt to use the power of film to heal the wounds left from a dysfunctional childhood. With unforgettable performances and kaleidoscopically intense editing, this film could rival any experimental fiction film and yet, its power resides in its firm grounding in lived experience.

Cinema On Demand: Tarnation

Watch Jonathan Caouette's classic first-person film 'Tarnation' online

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