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Into the Night

Clubs and Cabarets in Modern Art


Journey into the world’s most iconic cabarets, cafés and clubs in modern art with our series of long reads, video interview and music.

Woman looking at a series of small paintings
Long read

Art for all: ¡30–30! in Mexico City

Embodying the revolutionary spirit of the 1920s, we take a closer look at ¡30–30!, a group whose their socialist ideals to promote affordable and accessible art, as displayed in 'Into the Night'.

Woman looking at a painting of two figures
Long read

New Women in the Weimar Republic

Discover the overlooked female artists in the late 1920s Germany, who captured the pulsating energy of nightclubs and the alternative lifestyles that flourished within them, as revealed in the exhibition, 'Into the Night'.

Long read

Rebuilding Vienna's Cabaret Fledermaus

From a black and white photograph to a life-size recreation in our gallery, we explore the story behind Cabaret Fledermaus and how we brought it back to life in Into the Night: Cabarets and Clubs in Modern Art.

Silhouette of woman in a room full of shadows
Long read

Shadow play in the Chat Noir

We take a closer look at the iconic Chat Noir cabaret in the bohemian Montmartre district of Paris, as recreated in our 'Into the Night' exhibition.