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Getting Started in Film Journalism with Akua Gyamfi and We Are Parable

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22 Sep 2020
2 min read

Part of Leytonstone Loves Film, We Are Parable host a series of conversations with industry experts about careers in film - we look at some top tips Akua Gyamfi shared in her session. 

We Are Parable present 'The Film Studio', a series of conversations with film industry experts designed to explore the various careers available in film, from journalism, marketing, diversity and inclusion to PR.

Akua  Gyamfi is the founder of the British Blacklist, co-founder of S.O.U.L Fest and has been a frequent collaborator of We Are Parable over the last few years. 

Gyamfi joined renowned underground digital TV station Channel AKA (formerly known as Channel U) and worked closely with a dedicated team who turned the channel around. Gyamfi then moved onto the BBC where she worked at their performing arts fund, then the BBC Writersroom, working with director Mark 1 to write, direct and produce anti-knife and gun crime short film, After Effects.During this time, Gyamfi gained valuable insight into the machinations of script writing and is currently a script consultant whose work has won awards. In 2012, Akua launched The British Blacklist, which serves as an online portal celebrating the work of creatives from screen, stage,  sound and literature.

Here are some top tips from Gyamfi’s conversation with Co-founder of We Are Parable, Anthony Andrews. Watch the full conversation in the video above. 

Want to start your own company? To get started with a company like The British Blacklist, it is important that you…

-  Stay organised and manage your time effectively. 

-  Really understand the industry you are representing or talking about, make sure you are an expert on that topic.

-  Respect your audience and the people you work with. 

-  Ensure your branding is strong and trustworthy. 

If you want to get into film journalism, here is some great advice from Gyamfi.

-  Just do it – it’s pretty easy now to get started. There is so many different platforms you can use for free to start writing and share your writing with an audience.  

-  The best part – watch lots of films!  Be an expert on film, be able to reference other film makers or films in your writing.

-  Know what you like – you don’t have to review everything and it is ok to focus on a particular genre or style.

-  Journalism courses are great. You get to learn about writing structure, styles and how to write effectively for your audience and with a word limit to still get your point across. 

-  Know yourself as a writer and what your style of writing is. What is your voice? How can you’re personality come across in your writing?

-  Network! Message publicists and newspapers for internships. Go to film festivals and chat with people. Make friends in the industry.

The next session from The Film Studio with Iyare Igiehon, Founder of S.O.U.L Celebrate Connect and Co-founder of  S.O.U.L Fest will take place on Wednesday 23 September, 7pm.

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