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Creative Careers - Feb 2019

Not sure where to start to achieve your goal career in the arts? Browse our range of articles and resources covering everything from finance and marketing to networking and putting on your first live event.

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Building Your: Specialism(s)

If you have a range of interests and talents, a traditional career path might seem limiting when you could become a ‘slashy’ instead. We find out about the benefits and challenges of wearing different creative hats. 

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Finding Your Values

How do you determine your values – and put them into practice? We speak to the experts who share their tips and experience to help inspire you to make value-led, ethical work.

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Finding Your Resilience

The creative industries can be tough; knock-backs, obstacles, rejections and failure are part and parcel of the job. But how do you find the vital resilience needed to thrive in the arts?

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Finding Your Niche

Standing out in an overcrowded creative profession can be tricky. Writer and director Ruth Mariner discusses how to find your niche and hit your version of success within it.

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Careers in Theatre

We talk to theatre network STAMP to help demystify the theatre and offer advice into breaking into the theatre industry.

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A Guide to Fashion Shoots

What goes on behind the scenes of those major fashion brand campaigns we see in the glossy magazines or on Instagram? We invited the Warehouse team to share their experience working on the Barbican partnership. 

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Careers in Visual Arts

Deciding on your route as you start to map out your career in visual arts can be tricky to navigate. We invited a group of curators, artists and professionals from the art world to share their insights and tips.

Creative Careers - Mar 2019

Ask an Arts Producer

We speak to the experts to learn more about the art behind the arts and gain some insight into the behind-the-scenes work of some of London’s most prominent arts institutions.  

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Finance for Freelancers

From quoting to invoicing to organising your finances, Remi Harris offers her advice for finance for freelancers.

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Ask a Musician

We hear from a panel of musicians from the worlds of rap, choir, classical, and song writing came together to give an honest and open take on how to succeed in the music industry.