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Brutalist Crayons After School Club

STORE STORE x Barbican

2 Oct 2020

Inspired by the Brutalist architecture of the Barbican Centre and Estate, students from Sydney Russell School and New Regent's College were guided by product designer Tessa Geuze and Stine Keinicke to design and make a series of colourful beeswax crayons.

Crayons exist in all kinds of different shapes and materials and are a perfect tool for drawing. The students were keen to use beeswax as a natural and sustainable material to create their crayons.


sketches of the brutalist crayon

The class started with students taking an architectural tour of the Barbican Centre where they drew sketches and collected patterns based on carved textures from the labour-intensive pick hammering technique that was used in the original build of the Barbican Centre. Sketches were then translated into 3D models and cast in silicone to create moulds for the beeswax crayons.

some paint
the crayon coming out of the rubber casing
a crayon being made

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