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A Fear-Free Guide to Creating your Personal Brand

For Global Entrepreneurship Month, we're taking your personal brand to the next level. Step out of the shadows and shine as a founder, creative, side-hustler or professional. 

When you're a creative, it's difficult to think about your brand, your business, and even what it means to be a creative. We asked you what challenges you would face and what advice you would need. You wondered how to balance creativity and authenticity, as well as how to deal with the growing competition.

Our speakers, Dior Bediako and Chloé Watts, answer all of your pre-submitted questions, injecting their top tips for anyone who wants to focus on their personal brand in 2023.


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Our Speakers


Dior Bediako

Dior is the founder of Pepper Your Talk, a self-growth school that inspires people to build their dream life action-by-action. She's also an event host, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator working across the creative industries. Dior merges these specialisms with her passion for helping others with their personal growth goals; truly believing that everyone has infinite potential and a world of possibilities within them. 


Chloé Watts

Chloé Watts is the Founder and CEO of chloédigital, the leading growth strategy & business development partner to creators building businesses with scale. Chloé who has been featured in Business Insider, Marie Claire, & Vogue Business is a self-taught coder, who launched the business in 2014 when she saw a real need for content creators to have access to growth strategy, in order to accelerate the business behind the content. CD World, chloédigital's Creator Growth Platform supports 900+ creators worldwide building scalable businesses.

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