Branding and visual identity

Image of Barbican branding

Our visual identity

‘The transformation of the Centre's image in the past ten years from labyrinthine arts mall to edgy concrete cultural quarter is arguably as much to do with the centre's visual identity, as applied in print and online, as it is to do with its bold cultural reprogramming and physical refurbishments. Few cultural brands have come as far in that time as the Barbican.’~
Michael Evamy, Creative Review

Arts without boundaries

This is our guiding principle that defines our brand and drives our activities. It is what makes the Barbican distinctive from other arts organisations and it is the starting point for all our visual communications. With North, we have evolved our brand to capture the dynamism and energy of our arts and learning programming, and to create a fresh new visual language that’s instantly recognisable as the Barbican.

Any further questions?

The Barbican likes questions. If you’ve got one about our design assets or if you’d like digital examples of the Barbican identity in use, please contact the design team: