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BBC SO Total Immersion: Missy Mazzoli

Missy Mazzoli looking at the camera, with circular blue swirls around her head

Pianist, visionary, musical dramatist and Grammy-nominated composer, Missy Mazzoli has been called 'the 21st century’s gatecrasher of new classical music'. 

She’s an artist for whom the personal is political, and in whose hands the intimate stories of modern America take on an epic scale and a global significance. 'With each work, I endeavour to provide a new language for thoughts and feelings we suppress in everyday life' she says - 'to provide space in which we can process the overwhelming nature of the world'. With participation from the composer herself, this BBC Symphony Orchestra Total Immersion day explores the whole range of her work: a close encounter with one of the most singular – and potent – voices of the new millennium.