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Unravelling Ancestral Threads: A Workshop Exploring Heritage, Culture and Anti-Colonial Practices Through Textile Art

Unravel Public Programme

image of indigo dyed fabric


This workshop is a celebration of the beauty, resilience, and cultural heritage of natural indigo dyeing.

Through hands-on dyeing and insightful discussions, we'll delve into the rich history, cultural significance, and contemporary relevance of indigo, while exploring patterns and play to create a textile piece to take home. Through the process of natural dyeing, participants will gain an understanding of the dynamic nature of indigo dyeing and its connection to living histories and cultural practices. 

Tens Studio, a micro clothing brand, aims to re-wild the system of clothing production by utilising already existing resources. Through sustainable practices like natural dyeing, the brand champions underrepresented histories and promotes accessibility in fashion and craft through educational outreach.

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