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Maestro (15) (AD) + ScreenTalk with Bradley Cooper + Carey Mulligan

New Release ScreenTalk

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We are absolutely delighted to welcome director/actor Bradley Cooper and co-star Carey Mulligan for a ScreenTalk of their biopic on the life of acclaimed composer, Leonard Bernstein. 

We are delighted to welcome the leads of Maestro to talk about the film and careers, and a screening of the film.

Bradley Cooper stars and directs this heart-shaking drama about one of the most renowned musical artists in history. Cooper stars alongside Carey Mulligan, playing out unharmonious matrimony in this biography of composer Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story).

Detailing the life and trials of composer Bernstein and his turbulent marriage to stage & screen star Felicia Montealegre Bernstein (played with dumb-founding talent by Carey Mulligan).

A foray through the second half of the 20th Century, with humour, beauty and grace, Maestro maturely tackles changing attitudes and prejudices towards race and sexuality. Produced by none other than Scorsese, Spielberg, and Todd Phillips, Maestro is an absolute cinematic (and musical) treat.

2023 USA dir Bradley Cooper 129 min.

Films can contain elements which some may find upsetting; from references to self-harm or suicide, to sexual violence or domestic abuse. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) provides guidance to audiences, to help them choose what’s right for them and avoid what’s not. For guidance, please click here and type the film title into the search bar.

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