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Civil War (15) + ScreenTalk with director Alex Garland

New Release ScreenTalk

A journalist in a bullet  proof vest looks out in the night, standing in front of yellow lights.

We are delighted to welcome director Alex Garland in conversation with Barbican Cinema Curator Sonia Zadurian, to discuss his latest film; a thriller set in the near future during a US Civil War.

Alex Garland, the seasoned director whose thought-provoking works comfortably span science fiction, horror and thriller, presents his latest film, an American dystopian Civil War drama. 

With a personal canon including 28 Days Later, Annihilation, The Beach and Ex Machina, and more recently working with Jessie Buckley on Men, Garland's work is known for its sociological depths, slick shots, and humanistic approach to potential dystopian futures. 

Civil War sees Kirsten Dunst as a photo-journalist, covering the imminent resolution of an American Civil War. With Cailee Spaeny (Priscilla) and Nick Offerman.

In Garland's own words, the film is "a sci-fi allegory for our currently polarized predicament". The production budget for Civil War was $50 million, making it the most expensive film made by A24.

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2024 USA Alex Garland 109 min

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