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Preview: Drift (15) + ScreenTalk with Director Anthony Chen

New Release ScreenTalk

A woman in a bathing suit stands on a rock, looking out across the blue ocean in front of her.

We are thrilled to welcome director Anthony Chen in conversation with poet and filmmaker Be Manzini, after this preview of this fiercely compelling drama with Cynthia Erivo and Alia Shawkat.

Jacqueline (Erivo) wanders around a beautiful Greek island, often posing as a tourist. She’s visibly traumatised by her past, having escaped war-torn Liberia. She keeps to herself, until she meets friendly tour guide Callie (Shawkat). A friendship slowly blossoms between the two, which begins to bring hope into her life once again. 

Erivo is utterly mesmerising, giving a beautiful performance which is at once both fragile and strong. There’s a stillness and thoughtfulness to Chen’s direction, at times scored by the ocean waves, which results in a work which feels almost meditative. Whilst flashbacks to traumatic events in Liberia are powerful and disturbing, albeit visually discreet, it is the present day which is so utterly heartbreaking. An incredibly compelling watch, Drift will stay with audiences long after the credits have rolled. 

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2023 dir Anthony Chen 93 min

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