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Anatomy of A Fall (15)

Oscar Week 2024

An aerial shot of a man lying in the snow, with blood on his head. Someone crouches nearby looking at him.

Nominated for five Oscars and winner of the Palme d’Or in Cannes 2023, Justine Triet’s thriller follows the trial of a woman accused of murdering her husband in their remote chalet in the French Alps.

Sandra (Hüller) is a successful novelist, living with her French husband Samuel (Samuel Theis) and their son Daniel (Milo Machado Graner), who is blind. When Samuel dies unexpectedly, Sandra is the only suspect and Daniel soon finds himself in an impossible position as the sole witness.

Anatomy of a Fall positively revels in shades of grey. Just as our lead character slips effortlessly between conversing in English, French and German, so too does she glide constantly back and forth between guilty and not guilty. As we move into the drama of the courtroom and further away from the incident itself, Triet confronts us with the fallibility of memory in a way only a master filmmaker can. Audiences will be thinking about this one long after the credits have rolled.

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2023 France dir Justine Triet

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