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Guildhall School of Music & Drama

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A collection of vital new performance works created by artists on the cusp of their professional careers.

Presented as part of Guildhall School of Music & Drama's Making It Festival, Kaleidoscope is a celebration of the diverse perspectives and boundless creativity of Guildhall's final year actors.

There are three opportunities to catch each show, all presenting a unique selection of short, stand-alone new works performed as solos or in groups. 

Tagged with: Theatre & dance

We anticipate these performances will contain adult language and challenging content. Detailed content warnings for each piece will be added to the individual line up ahead of the performance run.

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Line Up | 13 & 14 Jun

Thu 13 Jun, 6pm
Fri 14 Jun, 2pm
Fri 14 Jun, 8pm 

Marianna Scott


Think you know the tech world? Think again. Satirical and shocking, World-Optimizer is a powerpoint-theatre presentation by a tiny 25-year-old female who's part Elon Musk, part Jeff Bezos, and part Attila the Hun, with frizzy hair.

Adil Hassan

Mr. Worldwide

Wildly comic and piercingly satirical, 'Mr. Worldwide' follows a racially ambiguous young man on a bizarre trip across America in search of community, belonging, and a free ticket to the World Cup.

V Lamont Gillies

Amoeba 2.0

A young woman faces an impossible choice between pain and peace in this vulnerable and often shocking piece that asks 'when will the bloodshed end?'

Imogen Elliott & Anabella O'Gorman

The Golden Era

1950's Hollywood. Two young performers compete with themselves, the industry and each other to reach perfection. Entertaining and provocative, 'The Golden Era' asks what is the cost of being an artist and when is it too much?

Esther O'Casey


Lana Del Rey-obsessed Chloe invites you into the messy dressing room of the Eden Lounge to answer some jarring questions. Outrageous and arresting, 'Sugar' is an unapologetic examination of student debt, seduction, and sacrifice.

Thu 13 Jun, 8pm
Fri 14 Jun, 12pm
Fri 14 Jun, 6pm

Matthew Forrest & Noah Weatherby

Clowns to the Left of Me

A dark comedy about being stuck in a room with someone who just doesn’t get you.

Evan Silverstein

Gregory Conquest: Conquest in Conversation

Meet Gregory Conquest, the man who once tried to eat fifty hot dogs in five minutes to save his marriage but couldn’t do it. Now Gregory’s doing something NEW for his final performance at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Should be pretty good.

Emelie Dahlskog

Will I Ever Love Again?

After a hard break up, a solo traveller goes on a journey in search for answers. But even in an unknown distant place, smells, memories and images suddenly become too familiar.

Sophia Roberts

Making It (because I have to)

Sophia has to do this, 'this' being the performance you're about to watch.

Nina Cassells

A Small Place

A young woman must unravel a dark mystery.

Line Up | 20 & 21 Jun

Thu 20 Jun, 6pm
Fri 21 Jun, 2pm
Fri 21 Jun, 8pm

Djibril Ramsey, Ckristo Invida Kuwaha & Jeremy Mitchell


Dark, personal, poetic and comic, Fable explores black culture, so-called cancel culture, and the intangible forces at play in working class lives.

Kaya Ulaşli

The Mudlarker

A man embarks on a journey to honour his father and his unique passion. On the way he discovers something quite remarkable.

Alec Boaden

Heads Will Roll

All of us have an expiration date. Would you like to know yours? A twisted new short, filmed by Edem Wornoo with music by Sioul Blaphate.

Ruby Thompson


Trish wakes in a tree after a PHAT night out. As she pieces together the night before she realises the tree is under threat, and it's up to her to save it. Exploring family, community, and small acts of protest, 'Derbados' is a love letter to the people of Derby, inspired by Harriet Thompson.

Bethany Wooding


A playful, patchwork exploration of closed doors, open windows, bus journeys, muddy hands, cups of coffee, burnt toast, dreams, disasters, and all of us, trying.

Thu 20 Jun, 8pm
Fri 21 Jun, 12pm
Fri 21 Jun, 6pm

MC Bury


A person walks into an open-mic night with an existential crisis and a saxophone. Even they don't know what's going to happen. Passionate and gently comic, Max explores loneliness, frustration, love, fear, and the passing of time.

Ruby Sephton

Clap for Our Carers

Questions of justice, workers’ rights, healthcare, and privatisation collide in this heartfelt, political story of a struggling NHS worker confronting a millionaire PPE contractor.

Sophie Cox

Walter, Walter, lead me to the Altar

A heartfelt piece about wanting to be loved.

Maximus Evans

The Final Piece

A painter descends into madness as his longed-for masterpiece disintegrates in front of his eyes. Satirical and darkly-comic, 'The Final Piece' is a bold exploration of the extremities of art and the artist's need for approval.

Jordan Rhys

They say...

A radio presenter gets more than he bargained for when he decides to challenge the origin of false information. Thought-provoking and comic, 'They say...' is a political fantasy exploring misinformation, division, manipulation, and fear.

Romaya Weaver

On & On

A young woman tries to survive the present while battling her memories of the past in this playful, heartfelt, and dramatic exploration of family, heritage, loss, and grief.

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