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What's Your Blood Type?

In partnership with the NHS

What's Your Blood Type?

Find out your blood type, sign up for the donation register, watch a film and listen to a panel discussion. This free, drop-in event aims to boost people’s confidence in giving blood.

NHS What's Your Blood Type

Come along and find out your blood type. This is done by NHS staff taking a small sample of blood from the finger and measuring the reaction on specialised cards. The whole process should only take 5 minutes. You’ll also be one step closer to becoming a blood donor by signing up to the NHS blood donation register. Drinks and snacks served throughout.

Film Screening: Three Songs on Pain, Time and Light by Black Audio Film Collective

This film celebrates the life and work of black British artist, Donald G. Rodney (1961-1998), who suffered from Sickle Cell Anaemia, and how he used his art to come to terms with constant pain.

Panel Discussion

Panel hosted by the Barbican's Global Majority Network and the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust Charity.

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This event is for everyone, but we especially encourage those with Black heritage to attend.

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