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Preview: The Eternal Daughter (12A) + ScreenTalk with writer/director Joanna Hogg

New Release ScreenTalk

On a winter's day, a woman with grey hair walks away from a large, stately building.

Nominated for the Golden Lion in Venice 2023, Joanna Hogg’s atmospheric mystery drama features a star turn from Tilda Swinton in dual roles as both a mother and her daughter.

A mother and her middle-aged, artist daughter (Swinton) visit their former family home; a gothic estate which has now become a hotel. Whilst the daughter spends her days working on a new project, her mother reminisces about her childhood experiences in this grand hall.

The pair appear to be the only guests, which makes for rather an eerie visit, particularly at night when lingering mists appear and half-glimpsed figures seem to stand solitarily in the windows. As they bed in for their stay, the hotel seems all the more strange. However, as they build up to celebrating the mother’s upcoming milestone birthday, we realise that this unnerving environment may not be quite what it seems…

We are delighted to have writer/director Joanna Hogg in conversation with film critic Ben Nicholson after this special preview screening.

UK 2023 dir Joanna Hogg

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