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News From Home (12A) + La Chambre + Introduction by Adam Roberts

Architecture on Film

A still from Chantal Akerman's News from Home

Two remarkable syntheses of self, home, presence, absence, city and cinema, from the unique Chantal Akerman, introduced by writer Adam Roberts.

Chantal Akerman is best known for her 1975 film Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, which was named the greatest film of all time by Sight and Sound last year. Akerman's work is monumentally influential to both feminist and avante-garde cinema. 

La Chambre

A still life and portrait through the structures of home and cinema.

News From Home

In this landmark experimental feature, elegant long takes capture the dispassionate and seductive streets of ‘70s New York City, as the unseen director reads letters from her mother – received, we might imagine, in the apartment of La Chambre. The vivid, searching images of a solitary camera offer vignettes of urban estrangement – non-verbal responses, perhaps, to the mother’s texts – in a meditation on physical and emotional dislocation, a blur of intimacy, anonymity and place.

Chantal Akerman, Belgium, 1972, 11 mins
Chantal Akerman, Belgium, France, 1976, 85 mins

Curated by the Architecture Foundation

Credits: Collections CINEMATEK - © Fondation Chantal Akerman

Adam Roberts

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