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London Premiere: Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel (15)

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Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel

An intimate stay at NYC’s mythical Chelsea through a portrait of its last remaining residents, and ghosts of those past, as the building is transformed from artistic refuge to luxury hotel.

With delicate poetry and objective empathy Dreaming Walls accompanies the hotel’s handful of holdouts as they live amidst the noise and chaos of construction, as the iconic countercultural residence – immortalised by Warhol’s Chelsea Girls, Dylan Thomas, William Burroughs, Patti Smith and more – has its storied interior gutted to make way for a very different clientele. 

Merging rich 16mm with historic archival fragments, and lingering, guided by a charismatic octogenarian choreographer, amongst its final tenants, an ode to the Chelsea, the people who make places, and the onward march of urban change.

Curated by the Architecture Foundation.

Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Qatar, 2021, dirs Amélie van Elmbt, Maya Duverdier, 90 mins

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