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Balnearios (PG*)

Architecture on Film

People stand on a sunny beach in a still from Balnearios

A deep dive into the fantasies and realities of Argentine bathing resorts – “modern pagan cities given to the worship of the sea” – from one of cinema’s most singular auteurs: Mariano Llinás.

Blurring sharp social geography with the sardonic wit of a master storyteller, Llinás’ (La Flor, Extraordinary Stories) debut feature offers a ‘documentary’ in four chapters.

A portrait of four Argentine bathing resorts unfolds a journey from the sea to the provinces, via a noirish parable of a phantasmagoric hotel, a granular sociology of the beach, a trip to a mysterious Atlantis and an encounter with the enigmatic Zucco.

Llinás bemused fascination and labyrinthine interrogation of “the multi-purpose stadium” of the sand and the “pharaonic cities” built beside it, results in a rare gem.

Curated by the Architecture Foundation.

Argentina 2002 dir Mariano Llinás 81 min

Spanish with English subtitles

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