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Up to and Including Our Limits

Live performance, screenings, and music

Image of a person without clothing swinging on a rope with a wall of drawings in the background

Join us to explore the resonances between the work of radical artist Carolee Schneemann and contemporary practitioners.

Taking place at Rich Mix, this event explores sensory bodily practices and the idea of working with, up to, and including our own limits.

The evening will include screenings of a selection of Schneemann’s performance films, a live performance of Voicings by artist Florence Peake, as well as a screening of Peake’s work RITE performed at Palais de Tokyo. The evening provides a fresh context for interpreting both Peake and Schneemann’s work, expanding on the synergies between these two artists.

A sound performance by artist Hannah Catherine Jones will bring the evening to a close, exploring the limits of language and voice, from the operatic to the guttural. Performed alongside screenings of Schneemann’s films, Jones’ sound will provide a new sonic texture to Schneemann’s work, and shed new light on both artists’ practices

Taking place at Rich Mix. This event is for over 14s.


18:30: Doors open; bar open in the space
19:00: Screenings of Carolee Schneemann’s films: Body Collage, 1967; Water Light/Water Needle 1966, and Up to and Including Her Limits 1971-76
19:45: Florence Peake performs Voicings
20:15: Break; bar open in the space
20:30: Screening of Florence Peake’s RITE, performed at Palais de Tokyo

21:00: Hannah Catherine Jones performs a sound work alongside screenings of Schneemann’s Body Collage, 1967; Water Light/Water Needle 1966, and Up to and Including Her Limits 1971-76
22:00: End of the event

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black and white photo of Carolee Schneemann performing Water Light / Water Needle

Carolee Schneemann: Body Politics Playlist

Schneemann had an interdisciplinary and diverse practice. It is perhaps then unsurprising that she also had a wide-ranging taste in music - as happy listening to Minimalism as Marvin Gaye. Listen to a selection of the records that she loved here.

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