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Coalesce (18) (LC) + ScreenTalk

Queer East Film Festival

Two young men look at their mobile phones in Coalesce

A bold portrait of interwoven destinies and sexuality in contemporary Phnom Penh.

In contemporary Phnom Penh, thousands of young people who are chasing the dream of a better life, and struggling to make ends meet, are swept up in the ferocious pace of the constantly-evolving city.

Coalesce is Jessé Miceli’s debut feature, in which the lives of three young men intersect: Songsa (Sek Songsa), an introverted teenager, is sent to the capital by his family to sell clothes; Phearum (Eang Phearum) drives a taxi that he is desperately trying to pay off; Thy (Rom Rithy) dreams of owning a motorbike and makes money by working as a host and dancer in a gay bar. What does fate have in store for these three men as they become embroiled in an aggressive race for money and survival?

A compelling portrait of Cambodian youth, this bold debut explores interwoven destinies in a fast-changing world. 

Cambodia/France 2020 Dir Jessé Miceli 82 min

Please note this film contains a scene of fatal violence towards an animal and a reference to predatory behaviour towards a child.

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