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Pleasure (18)

A young woman looks around at a pool party in a still from Pleasure

Sofia Kappel gives a complex debut performances as hopeful porn star-in-waiting Bella Cherry, in director Ninja Thyberg’s unsentimental look at the LA adult film industry.

Ambitious and determined to make a name for herself, Bella starts out fresh and optimistic in her new world, keen to learn as much as she can alongside her roommate Joy (Zelda Morrison).

Bella has positive professional experiences, notably under female direction, that separate fiction from working culture. And yet, male entitlement is pervasive, and eventually begin to take their toll.

Thyberg’s direction gives a clear sense of the industry’s problems and where exploitation lies, while giving Bella and her fellow professionals respect for their work, outlining that power, rather than pleasure, is the root of its evils. 

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Sweden/Netherlands/France 2021 Dir Ninja Thyberg 109 min

Please note, this film contains instances of sexually abusive behaviour, strong sex, nudity and sex references. 

The following screenings include a recorded Q&A: 

Sat 18 Jun, 3pm, Cinema 1
Sat 18 Jun, 8.15pm, Cinema 1
Sun 19 Jun, 2.45pm, Cinema 3
Sun 19 Jun, 8.10pm, Cinema 3
Mon 20 Jun, 8.40pm, Cinema 1


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