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Nightmare Alley (15) (AD)

Bradley Cooper's character in Nightmare Alley in a carnival tunnel striped with red and white

Academy Award winner Guillermo Del Toro returns with a slick and seedy film noir adaptation, boasting an all-star cast.

It’s 1939, America is beginning to feel the anxieties of World War II, and the unscrupulous Stan Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) is looking to reinvent himself after committing an undisclosed crime. True to Del Toro’s style, Nightmare Alley is a uniquely stylised and impeccably realised version of the world, marrying reality with imaginings – or nightmares – to draw the audience in to his spectacle.

In his quest for reinvention, Stan happens upon a carnival, ring-led by Willem Dafoe’s Clem Hoatley and after experiencing the brilliance (or grift) of carny performers played by Rooney MaraRon Perlman and Richard Jenkins, decides this is the world he will write himself in to. This is until he encounters Cate Blanchett’s Lilith Ritter, a corrupt and unholy psychiatrist who proves to be even more dangerous than he is.

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US 2021 Dir Guillermo Del Toro 150 min

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