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British Showcase (15) + Filmmaker Introduction

London International Animation Festival

LIAF Dawta

A comprehensive screening of the very best recently released British animation, including several premieres.

Check the pulse of the British animation scene, meet many of the filmmakers and see the films that will take British animation to the world. Nobody screens more British animation than LIAF and this snapshot of the state of British animation paints a vibrant picture of a spirited and imaginative animation nation. Before the screening there is a chance to meet many of the animators, hear them talk about their films and ask them questions about their work.

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After discovering that her boyfriend’s flat has been stripped bare of all personal belongings, curiosity leads young Mary into his mind in search of answers.
UK 2022 Dir: Tessa Moult-Milewska 9 min

UK 2022 Dir: Greg McLeod 5 min

To Do
A reflection on productivity and the self-improvement industry, explored through attempts to participate in a modern mindfulness exercise.
UK 2021 Dir: Saul Pankhurst 3 min

Inner Polar Bear
Based on a story by Jeanette Winterson and narrated by Maxine Peake, a moving depiction of the alternative human and animal perspectives on the implications of climate change.
UK 2022 Dir: Gerald Conn 7 min

A Language of Shapes
Emi, a young girl with a stomach upset, enters the magical, microscopic world inside a zebrafish and aids the defenders of her cells to outwit the invading Shigella bacteria.
UK 2022 Dir: Samantha Moore 6 min

A Wish Beyond Death
A mysterious death becomes the focus of a humble postman’s life when he discovers a corpse.
UK, Greece 2022 Dir: Anna Maria Leventi 5 min

A ritualistic evening of self-care spirals into claustrophobic self-scrutiny when a woman discovers a grey hair and begins to contend with the passing of time.
UK 2021 Dir: Eilidh Nicoll 6 min


Sad Film
Based on a book by Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake, Sad Film portrays Rosen’s achingly personal account of grief, after the death of his son, Eddie.
UK 2022 Dir: Finn Woodruff 4 min

All the Blue Cats look like the Same Color
How does language influence our perception of the world? Internet slang is gradually replacing what we actually wanted to say.
UK, China  2021 Dir: Wenzhe Xu 6 min

In an artsy urban cafe, the generational disputes between millennials and baby boomers quickly erupt into confrontation.
UK 2021 Dir: Marnik Loysen 5 min

The process from knowing yourself to accepting yourself can be a long journey and one that loops around and around and around.
UK 2022 Dir: Yinuo Shao 6 min

Something More
An exploration of the cause of youth violence and the impact of knife crime in London seen through the eyes of a mother raising her 8 year-old son in London.
UK 2022 Dir: Mary Martins 5 min

Inspired by archival research into trans-racial adoption and her own family history, Dawta is a story of escaping the past through the imagining of an unknown future; through the imagining of an unknown hope.
UK 2021 Dir: Jessica Ashman 7 min

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