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Frederic Gassita & The Bantu Jazz Orchestra

a live performance photo of Frederic Gassita playing piano

A celebration of African Bantu music with jazz and classical influences. The pianist and composer will be joined on stage by the mighty Bantu Jazz Orchestra, plus singers and dancers.

Weaving Bantu culture and traditions with the spontaneity of jazz and spiritual classical arrangements, Frederic Gassita brings his vibrant Bantu Jazz Orchestra featuring a big band, orchestral string section, the Eben Voices of Gabon Choir, special guest singers and a dance troupe: a joyful show featuring over 70 artists.

Gassita is one of Gabon’s leading jazz musicians: he’s recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra, and has performed across Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Tagged with: Contemporary music

Presented by WB Live & AFJ Productions


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