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Caribbean Folktales: Storytelling and Book launch with Wendy Shearer

Caribbean Folktales: Storytelling & Book Launch with Wendy Shearer

Author and storyteller Wendy Shearer launches her new book Caribbean Folktales.


Shearer will share stories from her new book and will be joined by some of the contributors whose personal accounts of migration to Britain from Caribbean countries during the Windrush years are included in the book.

In this collection of Caribbean Folktales, Shearer has gathered together stories from many Caribbean islands and countries, drawing on oral history and written texts to bring these folk tales to life. Many stories are of West African origin, kept alive through rhythm and song. These tales and their languages were blended with European and East Indian folklore, with royalty, heroes and spirits exacting revenge.

Cric! Crac! Come along and be enchanted by La Diablesse from Haiti or outsmarted by the trickster Anansi, or terrified by the shape-shifting Soucouyant in Guyana.

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There will be an opportunity to buy and have your book signed during the event

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