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Le Bal de Paris

Blanca Li Dance Company

Two dancers embrace while wearing animal-themed masks.

Step inside a glamorous Parisian ballroom in this stunningly original virtual reality show, as a timeless love story unfolds around you in an unforgettable experience from choreographer Blanca Li.

Music and dance merge with groundbreaking VR and body-tracking technology as you’re invited to the biggest party in Paris. Dance, move and interact with real-life performers and other guests as you follow a heartwarming love story across breathtaking locations including a monumental ballroom and a magical garden party. At the end of the virtual experience you’ll have the opportunity to learn some of the dances with the Blanca Li team.

Developed by world-renowned Spanish choreographer Blanca Li, Le Bal de Paris won the Lion of the Best VR Experience from the 78th Venice International Film Festival. With digital costume design by fashion house CHANEL, the virtuosic musical score by Tao Gutiérrez takes you on a journey from classical waltz to a rip-roaring wild Cancan finale. You’ll enter a universe as poetic as it is fantastic.

Approx 1 hour 15 mins, no interval
Age guidance: 14+ (strictly no under 10’s)
Headset audio is in English (French and Spanish also available)

This is an interactive Virtual Reality experience with live performers.

You will need to be comfortable wearing a VR headset and tracking sensors on your arms and legs while moving for the duration of the experience. We recommend dressing comfortably with no high heels, and no long dresses or skirts (which might interfere with the sensors).

For headset comfort, it’s also useful to avoid wearing long hair in a high ponytail or high bun and it's fine to wear glasses or contact lenses throughout.

VR may not be suitable for people with some health conditions, including during pregnancy. Please check with your doctor if you're unsure. If you have any questions regarding access requirements, please contact the Theatre team at [email protected]

Presented by the Barbican
Supported by the Institut français du Royaume-Uni



‘A groundbreaking artistic experience, that the audience will remember forever.‘
Iñaki Ferrera, FanFan
‘Frankly, I haven’t seen anything else like it in VR.‘
Kathryn Yu, No Proscenium
‘It is very exciting to see how people enjoy it so much.‘
Custodio Pastor, El Pais


In rehearsal: Le Bal de Paris

In rehearsal: Getting ready for the ball

Watch as choreographer Blanca Li and the professional dancers rehearse for Le Bal de Paris. You'll wear VR tracking equipment that will allow you to step into a magical virtual world of music and dance with our live performers.

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