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Belfast (12A) (AD)

Black and white image of the family from Belfast, seated watching a film

Eight year old Buddy (Jude Hill) lives with his Ma and Da in 1960s Belfast, Northern Ireland and has to contend with the regular strains of coming-of-age against the backdrop of the Troubles.

Kenneth Branagh returns to the directors chair with this heartfelt black-and-white awards contender, starring Jamie Dornan as Da and Caitriona Balfe as Ma.

Told from Buddy’s perspective, usual childhood hijinks becomes intertwined with a civil war and even a first crush calls faith into question. Branagh uses a delicate touch on a heavy topic, in what he calls his most personal film to date. Judi Dench and Ciarán Hinds also star.

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UK 2021 Dir Kenneth Branagh 97 min

Please note: The 3.50pm screening on Tue 8 Feb at 8.45pm in Cinema 3 is HOH Captioned

There is audio description available for this title. We provide audio description using the Dolby Screentalk system. The film soundtrack comes through the speakers in the usual way and a recorded narrator explains what is happening on screen through personal headphones. Please ask a member of staff for a set of headphones.

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