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LSO Local | LSO Chamber Ensemble

LSO First Violin Maxine Kwok smiles, holding a violin against a dark background

An ensemble of LSO musicians dazzle in a free interactive concert at LSO St Luke's. With music that takes us from Russia to Spain and back to the UK with Daniel Kidane's breath-taking Dappled Light.

LSO Local returns for a second year, a weekend of performances all over London, devised and led by the musicians of the LSO.

This concert will be performed at 11am and 1pm on Saturday 31 July.

Seating will be unallocated so you will be free to sit wherever you wish. 25% of seats in the Stalls will remain empty so that - when you arrive - you can choose to sit with or apart from other audience members. If you would like us to reserve a socially-distanced seat, please let us know.

LSO St Luke's