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Into Great Silence (U)

Architecture on Film

priest walking in the snow into a large building

A transcendent observation of the Grande Chartreuse monastery in the French Alps and its ascetic Carthusian order.

A rare, transformative cinematic experience, that embodies rather than represents its subject. Through experiential, elemental cinema – a meditative journey through time, light and space – this Sundance Jury Prize winning film immerses the audience in the rhythms of monastic life, changing seasons, and the practice of absolute presence.

With no artificial light, no additional music, no commentary and near to no dialogue, Into Great Silence, a film 21 years in the making, achieves the remarkable through its masterful congruence of content and form – creating the monastery itself for 160 minutes inside the viewer, and transforming the cinema auditorium into a sacral space.

Germany 2005 Philip Gröning 169 min

Curated by the Architecture Foundation

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